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 Chiang Mai’s all inclusive Photography Festival

F/28 is all month & all encompassing photography festival

With hopes to fill the city of Chiang Mai with photography in February

 In an increasingly visual world, F/28 endeavours to share the relevancy and power of photography. The festival is designed to support emerging and established photographers. Welcoming both the local and international community, we are encouraging people to discover new talent and celebrate the lasting impact of classic works. The month-long event facilitates the growth of photographers and inspires photography enthusiasts, creating a space for everyone to come together to share and learn.

Throughout the month of February, Chiang Mai will come alive with quality exhibitions, screenings, workshops and a variety of other dynamic activities. The events will be hosted at our primary venue, Old Chiangmai, and a variety of other galleries and spaces throughout the city.  Most events are free and open to the public.


F/28 is proudly presently by Documentary Arts Asia